Understanding Toyota Prado J150 Trim Levels

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Toyota Prado J150 is arguably the most common SUV on our roads, thanks to our politicians. It is well liked for its reliability and proven offroading capabilities. Have you ever looked at the boot of a Prado 150, noted the badge there and wondered what it means, and what its trim level is?

The badges you normally encounter are TX, TX-L, GX, GX-L, TZ, TZG, VX, VX-L and Kakadu. On top of denoting the car’s trim, the badges also gives one an idea where the car was sourced and its engine options. The SUV comes with 4 engine options: 2.7l petrol, 2.8l diesel, 3.0l diesel and a 4.0l petrol V6. It is also either a 5-seater or 7-seater.

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TX, GX and LC-1 are the base/entry level Prados

TX is the entry level model Prado for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). GX is the base model sold locally as well as Australia. LC-1 is a UK market base model. TX comes with 2.7l petrol engine and the GX comes with a 3.0l diesel engine. These Prados are basic with minimum equipment options. However, imported units have different equipment options found in higher trims as their first time owners added them as extras when they ordered their cars.

VX-L, TZG, LC-5 and Kakadu are the highest trim Prados

TZG is the highest trim Prado for the Japanese Domestic Market. Kakadu is the highest Prado trim in Australia. VX-L is the highest trim Prado you will get if you go to Toyota Kenya, although it sits below Kakadu in Australia. LC-5 is the highest Prado trim in UK. They are mostly available in 3l diesel engines, although the TZG comes with either 2.8l diesel or the very thirsty 4.0l petrol engine. These Prado trims come fully loaded with leather seats, active height control, multi terrain response, crawl control, cool box among others.

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TX-L, GX-L, TZ, VX, VX-L, LC-2, LC-3, LC-4 and Altitude are the in-between Prado trims

This depends on the market. For Japan Domestic Market, below the TZG (highest trim) is TZ, TX-L and TX in descending order. In Kenya, the order descends from VX-L, VX, GX-L to GX. In Australia, we start from Kakadu and drop to VX-L, VX, Altitude, GX-L and GX. In UK, the trim descends from LC-5, LC-4, LC-3, LC-2 to LC-1. Most come with 3l diesel engine and varying options as standard. As we had mentioned above, they also come with different additional options added by their first time owners when they were purchasing them.

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