NTSA: How to Book for Motor Vehicle Inspection Through E-Citizen

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Following the migration of NTSA services to E-Citizen, there has been changes to the process of booking inspection for your public service vehicle (PSV) or commercial vehicle, and the issuance of inspection certificate. Here is the updated process:

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  • Step 1: Log into your E-Citizen account and select the new NTSA service portal. Once there, select your car and view.
  • Step 2: Click motor vehicle services and select inspection. Click on submit, pay* and click complete.
  • Step 3: Click on book now, select your preferred booking date and centre. Complete your booking by clicking on complete.
  • Step 4: From there, print your receipt and booking slip by downloading them from application history. Take them with you as you take your car for inspection.

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*Charges are: Ksh1,050.

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