NTSA: How to Apply for Removal of Ownership – Discharge Process Through E-Citizen

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Once you have finished paying off your loan, your car needs to be discharged and the financial institution removed from the logbook. To do this, you need one PDF copy of both the logbook and discharge letter.

These are the steps to take:

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  • Step 1: Log into your E-Citizen account and select the new NTSA service portal.
  • Step 2: Click on Discharge under Switch Account.
  • Step3: Provide the car’s registration number and click Search
  • Step 4: Attach the PDF file containing both the logbook and discharge letter
  • Step 5: Select preferred collection counter and provide details of authorized person to collect
  • Step 6: Tick the declaration box at the bottom, preview and submit
  • Step 7: Make payments and click complete

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Timeline: 3 working days

Charges: Ksh 1,175

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