5 Best Kenyan Car YouTube Channels In 2023

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We asked Kenyans, through an online poll we ran in December, to submit a name of a local YouTube channel they consider the best Kenyan car YouTube channel for 2023. We compiled the names we received and how many submissions each name got to see which will emerge as the best. We then came up with a chart of the 5 best Kenyan car YouTube channels.

Here are details of the top five:

5) 0-60 Motoring TV

Coming in at n0. 5 is 0-60 Motoring TV. They regularly review cars, offer advise on what to do when buying a car and maintenance tips of popular car models. The channel has an active Facebook page where they compare cars and offer potential buyers advise on which car to buy based on their needs and budget. The channel also educates on different car model trims. Check out their content here.

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4) Turbotaleske

At no.4 is Turbotaleske which looks at the Kenyan car scene. The channel is less than 4 months old but already proving very popular. Their videos feature exotic and tuned cars and supercars in Kenya. They also showcase garages and car events. Some of their most watched videos include one featuring Ferrari 458 Italia and another featuring Porsche 911 Carrera. Check out their content here.

3) Amoke Vlogs

If you are looking to host a car meetup, a drag race or any other motoring event, Amoke Vlogs are who you call to record the event and post it on YouTube. His videos of car events garner thousands of views and help to showcase your event to those that were unfortunate to miss. Some of the motoring events he has covered include the Urban Retro Festival and the Sunset GT Motorshow. Check out their content here.

2) Ruthless Focus

At no. 2 is Ruthless Focus, a car dealer and automotive content creator based in Mombasa. The channel is popular with relevant car information, news, reviews and advise. From how not to get scammed by car dealers and worst cars to buy to how to calculate the total cost of importing a car, the channel offers a refreshing look at the ever changing trends of the Kenyan car market scene. Check out their content here.

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1) Carnversations

Having been submitted by almost 50% of all respondents, Carnversations is without a doubt the best automotive YouTube channel in Kenya today. The channel offers informed car reviews, debunks myths and offers candid conversations on cars and their ownerships in Kenya. They compare popular car models, tests their abilities and updates potential buyers on which models to buy. Check out their content here.

See the chart:

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